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Producing, Creating,
and Editing Heart-First Content


I'm passionate about creating content that resonates with people, that tells stories,

and that makes a truly positive impact. 

Working in-house for corporations, for agencies, and on a freelance basis, I have a proven track record of delivering high quality, creative, and successful media content destined for a range of platforms including TV, radio, social media, websites, and email. 

Media production done right can require a tremendous amount of effort and resources; this is why creative and technical efficiency is crucial. 

Sometimes I'm in the background facilitating a larger team as a project manager, and other times I'm in the thick of it: concepting, capturing, interviewing, and editing. Regardless of what I'm doing, I'm always putting my heart into it all.    


Video Content Strategy

It's about the goals, the conversions, the SEO, the distribution, the analytics, the brand, and the audience. When you start thinking with strategy, great things happen.

Project Management

As a middle child it has always been my destiny to be a projet manager. Managing a variety of creative projects is something I delight in and, after producing hundreds of successful projects, it's something I feel pretty confident doing.  

Video Scripting

This is quite possibly one of my favorite parts of the process. On a fertile ground of creative concepts the script grows and blossoms. It gives your video characters and voices, challenges and triumphs, truth and discovery.

Audio/Video Editing

Maybe you hired me to capture the media and you want to keep the project simple, maybe you've already got the media, you just need a concept and some editing. From 15-second web promotions to 30-minute programs — I'll live in the nuance and make the details right. 


As a director I work with my environment, human and otherwise, to tell the story. I believe that the best stories are authentic, told truthfully and honestly, letting the drama and joy unfold on its own. 

Turn-key Media Services

When you want agency-modeled work at a fraction of the cost, in a super-efficient package you can hire me as your turn-key producer. I can develop, plan, capture, edit, and deliver your content on time and on target.   

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