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Be impossible

to ignore.

The 'Be Impossible to Ignore' campaign is a multifaceted digital initiative launched in March 2023 and ongoing through December of this year. The campaign's objectives were relatively simple: to announce the university rebrand to our audience and enhance the university's reputation through targeted digital placements.


My early assignment involved crafting a video campaign that strategically utilized the design elements, tone, and language of the recent university rebrand.

Collaborating closely with the Director of Design, a key figure in shaping the rebrand, we conceptualized the video campaign's creative content. We featured the tagline, 'Be Impossible to Ignore,' which resonated positively in both demographic focus groups and among internal staff members.

The rebrand was rooted in the values of our audience, emphasizing experience and perspective. I visually incorporated my interpretation of these values into the campaign concept. With the support and redirection from internal stakeholders, I proceeded to produce content for the campaign.


Over the ensuing months, I created three 16:9 videos for YouTube search ads and two 9:16 videos for Meta (Facebook & Instagram) ads. The resulting deliverables are currently being managed and placed by an external agency overseeing our digital campaigns.

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