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Creative Solutions formedia storytelling

The development phase of any project is arguably the most crucial phase. If you start with a transformative idea, you start with a high degree of potential. I've developed a creative process that promotes positive ideation from the start and I'll be happy to lead you or your team through that process.

And when it comes to consultation, an outside perspective with experience is transformative. I can scale my involvement in your process to help create perspective with actionable advice.

 Development + Consultation

Having worked on a wide range of creative media projects with wide ranging deliverables, I can help you find the diverse solutions you need during the production process. I can deliver on projects including but not limited to:

Creative Production

  • Event Highlight Videos

  • Branded Storytelling

  • Company Overview Videos

  • Testimonials

  • Docu-marketing Feature Videos

  • Live Performance Multicam Videos

  • B-roll Capture

  • Aerial Photo/Video Capture

  • Podcast/Audio Stories

  • Traning and Internal Communication Videos

Audio+ Video Post-Production

An ounce of prevention is worth 20 pounds of cure in post-production. With a refined development process and keen attention to branding sensibility, I can move through the editorial process efficiently to provide you with a clean, polished final asset. 

  • Online + Offline Editorial

  • 2D Motion GFX (AE)

  • Color Correction

  • Basic Audio Mix + Master

  • Transcode + Delivery Formatting

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  • LinkedIn
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